Technical Issues

Here are solutions to common technical issues encountered on the IASP website.

Browser Issues

The website looks strange and is not formatted correctly on my desktop computer screen.

If you are encountering this error, you are most likely using Internet Explorer. Download this guide to help you correct the problem.

I am getting the message "In your browser options, specify a language that is not culture neutral as the first language." I am also seeing strange or unusual characters in the numbers, currency symbol, etc. in the shopping cart and in the membership forms.

Your browser's language settings need to be adjusted to recognize English as its primary language. Follow these step-by-step instructions to do so.

PAIN Journal

How do I access the PAIN Journal as an IASP Member?

Please download and follow these step-by-step instructions on how to access the PAIN Journal from the IASP website.


How do I register as a new member of IASP?

Please see this step-by-step guide for registering as a new member.

How do I renew my IASP membership?

Please see this step-by-step guide to renewing your membership.

I have forgotten or lost my password to the IASP website. How do I recover or reset my password?

Please see this step-by-step guide to recovering your password.