Update on the American Pain Society

Jun 25, 2019

On 13 June 2019, IASP received official notice from the leadership of the American Pain Society (APS) that, due to the dissolution of the APS by way of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the APS will no longer be able to serve as a chapter of IASP.

On behalf of the IASP Council, we express our sadness about this situation as well as our deep appreciation to the APS for its longstanding and impactful efforts in the US to increase the knowledge of pain and transform public policy and clinical practice to reduce pain-related suffering. Although we deeply regret that the APS will not be able to serve the pain community in the US and that IASP no longer has an active chapter in the US, IASP will continue to serve pain professionals in the US in accordance with our mission.

IASP maintains relationships with 95 chapters around the world. All IASP chapters have governance, financial, and legal structures independent from one another and IASP. IASP is not affected financially by the challenges facing the APS.

IASP remains focused on fostering the exchange of ideas and education to advance the field of pain science and improve pain relief worldwide. For nearly 50 years, IASP has provided members with access to world-class education and research, networking opportunities, and career-enhancing activities. IASP will continue that focus for all members and assure that members in the US continue to have a professional home at IASP. We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you that there are 24 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offering information exchange opportunities for IASP members. No matter your discipline or specialty, you have a home at IASP.

We have posted answers to questions you may have about the APS bankruptcy and its effect on IASP below. We invite you to review this information and to contact our staff if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Thank you for your membership in IASP and support of our community during this difficult time.


IASP Executive Committee


FAQs about the APS Bankruptcy and its Effect on IASP

What is the relationship between the American Pain Society (APS) and IASP?

APS was the IASP Chapter in the United States.  APS was one of 96 national chapters of the IASP.  All 96 chapters function separately and independently (from each other and from IASP), with separate boards, structures, and finances. Any actions or publications of the APS are the sole responsibility of that organization and in no way reflect positions or policies of the IASP.   APS does not have any financial or governance ties to IASP.

What does APS’ decision to file for bankruptcy mean to IASP?

Although IASP deeply regrets the bankruptcy of APS, there is no financial impact on IASP. IASP is on sound financial standing and has a variety of funding sources that contribute to our financial viability.  IASP Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are also fiscally strong and viable.   IASP has great respect for the leadership of APS and empathizes with the difficult decisions they are facing as an organization.

Does IASP accept funding from industry?

IASP accepts funds from industry to support our programs.  This financial support does not have any influence on the content of any of our programs or educational offerings.  The companies who provide financial support for our programs and educational offerings are not involved in any way in determining the scientific content of IASP journals, the IASP World Congress on Pain, the IASP Pain Education Resource Center (PERC), or any other IASP educational content, meetings, or position statements.  IASP’s full disclosure policy for accepting corporate support and a list of companies that have exhibited at or sponsored IASP events as well as companies that have provided specific programming through grants or sponsorships can be found here