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President's Message

Judith Turner

I am happy to report an exciting development that soon will change the way readers view our well-established clinical newsletter, PAIN: Clinical Updates. The IASP Council has approved a new publishing model in which P:CU will become a “channel” of our open access journal PAIN Reports.

This new model will expand opportunities for our members to publish articles in an indexed, citable, peer-reviewed journal, as P:CU becomes part of the PAIN Reports portal. Including P:CU under the journal’s auspices also will enhance the reputation, readership, and visibility of PAIN Reports.

P:CU readers will be able to view and download each edition in two ways—either by visiting the PAIN Reports website or by finding it in its usual place on the IASP website. We will continue to alert members of each new edition via email and in this newsletter, and the complete P:CU archive will remain on the IASP website.

We expect to complete the transition to the new model sometime next month, and we will let you know when we “go live.” Three new editions of P:CU will be ready for your viewing at that time.

Congratulations are due to the editors of P:CU and PAIN Reports, Andrew Rice and David Yarnitsky, for their vision in seeing the advantages and possibilities the new model presents.

Judith A. Turner, PhD
IASP President