IASP Leadership

President's Message

It is a great honor to greet you from this page as the IASP president through the next World Congress on Pain in Yokohama in 2016. I attended my first Congress as a student in 1978 (Montreal) and joined IASP as a postdoc in 1981 (Edinburgh). At these and other congresses, I have always been impressed with the intensity of dialogue among the different disciplines and professions that have an interest in pain, its mechanisms, and its treatment. For many years, I thought this interdisciplinarity would be the same across all medical topics. Only slowly did I come to realize that this is a special asset of IASP and its members. During my presidency, I plan to continue the work of my predecessors to keep this association multifaceted, vibrant, and open to all professions and disciplines.

When I returned home from the World Congress in Argentina last month, the weekly journal of the German Medical Association ran a cover story on research in South America and its recent successes, including world-renowned basic research. Argentina and its neighbors Brazil and Chile were mentioned explicitly, but countries farther north in the continent and further down in the alphabet received explicit coverage as well. Obviously, it was a perfect time to hold an IASP Congress on this continent, as roughly one-third of the delegates hailed from Latin America. Their contribution reflects not only the geographical proximity and ease of travel but also the increasing contribution from this region to the scientific literature. I look forward to seeing many of the South American delegates at future pain congresses around the world.


From the Secretariat

IASP Launches Global Year Against Neuropathic Pain

The Global Year Against Neuropathic Pain began on October 20, bringing global attention to pain that arises as a direct consequence of a lesion or disease affecting the somatosensory system.


World Congress on Pain

15th World Congress on Pain Attracts Thousands to Buenos Aires

For pain researchers and clinicians in many Latin American countries, the 15th World Congress on Pain in Buenos Aires was a memorable first.


World Congress Attracts International Press Coverage

To leverage hosting the first World Congress on Pain in Latin America, IASP held a special workshop for journalists to inform members of the international media about the importance of improving pain relief worldwide.


International News and Education

Latin American Pain Management Camp Leaves Students Smiling

Building on its commitment to advance the study and treatment of pain in Latin America, IASP sponsored the first-ever Pain Management Camp in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from August 30 to September 3.


Young Researchers Find Inspiration at IASP European Pain School

The IASP European Pain School attracted 31 young scientists at the Ph.D. or postdoctoral levels to Siena, Italy, for one week last June for discussions on the theme “Spontaneous versus evoked pain in animals and humans.”


IASP Research Symposium Focuses on Whiplash Injury and Chronic Pain

Mild neck injury—commonly called “whiplash”—is encountered routinely in many countries.


IASP’s International Pain Registry and Developing Countries Working Groups’ Pain Management Improvement Program Makes Headway

In summer 2013, IASP’s International Pain Registry (IPR) and Developing Countries Working Groups posted a call for applicants to participate in a pain-management improvement program.


Apply Now: IASP Early Career Research Grants

IASP invites eligible members to apply online for the IASP Early Career Research Grants. Multiple grants of up to US$20,000 each will support independent researchers in the early career stage of pain investigation.



PAIN Editors Speed Manuscript Reviews

The time from submission to first decision on manuscripts submitted to PAIN continues to drop.


Two New eBooks Are Now Available From IASP Press

Pain 2014: Refresher Courses from the World Congress on Pain and Musculoskeletal Pain are new titles in the IASP eBooks library.


IASP Co-Publishes Book for Nurses on Pain Management

For nurses treating pain, IASP offers a new book, Pain Management in Nursing Practice, by Shelagh Wright.


Grants and Awards

Call for Applications: 2015 IASP/WFSA Fellowship in Clinical Pain Management

The IASP Initiative for Improving Education grant provides a year of clinical training in pain management for a fellow from ASEAN countries, including Mongolia.



IASP Welcomes 136 New Members From 26 Countries

The following pain researchers and clinicians joined IASP in August, September, and October.