IASP eNewsletter - Aug 2014

SIGs, Members Sponsor Satellite Symposia in Conjunction with World Congress on Pain

If more than 100 courses aren't enough, many more opportunities are available to learn new approaches to the treatment and study of pain. IASP's Special Interest Groups are sponsoring the following Satellite Symposia at the World Congress.

SIG on Acute Pain—Faces in the Crowd: Variability and Diversity in Acute Pain Control

SIG on Neuromodulation—Advances in Neuromodulation: From Molecules to Functional Outcomes

SIG on Neuropathic Pain and the Chilean Association for the Study of Pain—Painful Polyneuropathies

SIG on Pain and Pain Management in Non-Human Species—From Stem Cells to Meta-Analysis: A Broad Picture of Modern Approaches to Preclinical Pain Research

SIG on Placebo—Placebo Analgesia: Mechanisms, Models, and Applications

In addition, IASP members are sponsoring three Satellite Symposia:

Low Back Pain: Multidisciplinary Approach in Developing Countries

Mindful and Sustainable Competencies in Lifestyle Behavior Change: A "First Line" Intervention for Preventing and Managing Chronic Pain

Spinal Neurostimulation Guidelines: A Colombian Adaptation

These symposia take place immediately before and after the Congress and are open to all. IASP does not oversee their content and does not offer continuing education credit for them. Visit the IASP website for the dates, locations, and registration information for these programs.