IASP eNewsletter - Aug 2014

IASP Honorary Member Dr. Blaine S. Nashold Jr. Has Died

We learned recently that IASP Honorary Member and noted Duke University neurosurgeon Dr. Blaine S. Nashold Jr. died in March at age 90. An obituary provided by the Hall-Wayne Funeral Service notes “Dr. Nashold was a pioneer in stereotactic neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery, and the treatment of chronic pain syndromes. He rose to international acclaim for his treatment of pain and brain tumors, operating on foreign leaders, soldiers, and the poor from Sri Lanka to Japan and Europe. His academic work included 40 years of research and over 300 publications in books and surgical journals. He was particularly proud of winning the Speigel/Wycis Award for his work in stereotactic neurosurgery.” Nashold trained dozens of neurosurgeons who carried on his spirit of dedication to patient care, the pursuit of knowledge and surgical excellence.