IASP eNewsletter - Aug 2014

Coming to Congress? You May Need to Obtain a Visa or Pay a Reciprocity Fee Beforehand

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Visitors to Argentina from some countries (India, for example) require a visa, but those from most EU countries require neither a visa nor must they pay a “reciprocity fee.” The reciprocity fee is not the same as a visa. Visitors from some countries – notably the U.S. and Australia – do not require a visa to enter Argentina but must pay the reciprocity fee online and must present a hard copy of the receipt before boarding a plane to Argentina and upon entry. It is not possible to pay the reciprocity fee upon landing in Argentina.

For visitors from the U.S., here is where to learn more and pay the fee. Australian visitors can read the instructions here. Canadians may also need to pay the fee and can review information from the Canadian government on its website.