IASP eNewsletter - Jun 2014

Orofacial Pain Workshop in Canada Explores Need for Research

In November 2013, Drs. Gilles Lavigne and Barry J. Sessle led a workshop in Montreal, Canada, of multidisciplinary clinical, research, and knowledge-transfer experts to address the causes and management of chronic orofacial pain.

The workshop had two aims: to identify new pathways for innovative diagnosis and management of chronic orofacial pain states and to identify opportunities for further collaborative orofacial pain research and education in Canada and abroad.

Three topics related to chronic orofacial pain were explored during the two-day workshop: (1) biomarkers and pain signatures for chronic orofacial pain, (2) misuse of analgesic and opioid pain medications for managing chronic orofacial pain, and (3) complementary alternative medicine, topical agents, and the role of stress in chronic orofacial pain.

Workshop participants determined that further research is needed in the following areas: (1) identification of biomarkers of chronic orofacial post-traumatic neuropathic pain, with a focus on psychosocial, physiological, and chemical-genetic factors; (2) validation of short-term and long-term safety of opioid use for acute and chronic orofacial pain; and (3) improved uptake of the use of topical medications as an alternative treatment in dentistry, and further documentation of the benefits and safety of complementary and alternative medicine, including stress management. It was proposed that burning-mouth syndrome, a painful condition that affects mainly postmenopausal women, should receive particular attention. Further information is available at www.ncohr-rcrsb.ca/page.asp?ID=63.

Global Year Against Orofacial Pain