In Memoriam

IASP honors the memory of our former members who have served on the Council and/or Executive Committee as well as those who have held the role of editor-in-chief. IASP also recognizes our honorary members and all other members who have passed away in the past three years.

IASP Officers and Councilors

Denise Albe-Fessard, DSc, France, President (2003)
Aaron Y. Beller, MD, Israel, IASP Councilor (1977)
Jean-Marie Besson, DSc, France, President (2014)
John J. Bonica, MD, DSc, USA, President (1994)
Carlos Maurício de Castro Costa, MD, PhD, IASP Councilor (2010)
J. Edmond Charlton, MB BS, Secretary, IASP Councilor (2010)
B. Raymond Fink, MD, FFARCS, USA, IASP Councilor (2000)
Wilbert E. Fordyce, PhD, USA, IASP Councilor (2009)
Dieter Gross, MD, Germany, IASP Councilor (1985)
Gisele Guilbaud, MD, DSc, France, IASP Councilor (1993)
Jan M. Gybels, MD PhD, Belgium, Vice President (2011)
Ainsley Iggo, DSc, FRS, President, IASP Councilor (2012)
Frederick W.L. Kerr, MD, IASP Councilor (1983)
John C. Liebeskind, PhD, USA, IASP Councilor (1997)
Sampson Lipton, OBE, BA, MD, FRCA, United Kingdom, IASP Councilor (1994)
William R. Mehler, PhD, USA, IASP Councilor
Peter Nathan, MD, FRCP, United Kingdom, Honorary Member, IASP Councilor (2002)
David Niv, MD, FIPP, Israel, IASP Councilor (2007)
William Noordenbos, MD, PhD, The Netherlands, Vice President, IASP Councilor (1990)
Germán Ochoa, MD (Colombia) (2014)
Issy Pilowsky, MD, FRANZCP, AM, FRCPsych, FRACP, Australia, IASP Councilor (2012)
Paolo Procacci, MD (Internal Medicine), Italy, Vice-President, IASP Councilor (2007)
Prof. Sir Sydney Sunderland, Australia, Vice President, IASP Councilor (1993)
William Sweet, MD, DSc, USA, IASP Councilor (2001)
Prof. Mohamed Omar Tawfik, MD, MB BCh, Egypt, IASP Councilor (2009)
Vittorio Ventafridda, MD, Italy, Founding Member, IASP Councilor (2008)
Ladislav Vyklicky, MD, DSc, Czech Republic, IASP Councilor (2008)
Patrick D. Wall, DM, FRS, United Kingdom, Founding Editor-in-Chief of PAIN (2001)
William D. Willis, MD PhD, USA, IASP Councilor (2015)

IASP Honorary Members

Lord Adrian, UK
Denise G. Albe-Fessard, DSc, Neuroscience, France
F.A. Duncan Alexander, MD, USA
Henry K. Beecher, MD, USA
John J. Bonica, MD, DMedSc, Anesthesiology, USA
David Bowsher, MD, ScD Neurology, UK
Hsiang-Tung Chang, PhD Neuroscience, China
J. Edmond Charlton, MB BS, Anesthesiology, UK
Vladyimir N. Chernigovsky, Prof, Russia
Derek Denny-Brown, Prof, USA
B. Raymond Fink, MD, FFARCS, Anesthesiology, USA
Wilbert E. Fordyce, PhD, Psychology, USA
Jan M. Gybels, MD PhD, Neurosurgery, Belgium
James D. Hardy, Prof, USA
Ernest Hilgard, PhD, USA
Raymond W. Houde, MD (Internal Medicine), USA
Ainsley Iggo, DSc FRS, Neuroscience, UK
Cyril A. Keele, MD, FFARCS, UK
Hans W. Kosterlitz, MD, PhD, DSc, FRS, Scotland
Zdenck Kunc, Prof, Czech Republic
Sampson Lipton, MBBCh, MD, FFARCS, OBE, UK
Stephen J. Morley, PhD
John W. Lloyd, OBE, MD, FFARCS, UK
Blaine S. Nashold, Jr., MD, Neurosurgery, USA
Peter Nathan, MD, FRCP, Neurology, UK
William Noordenbos, MB ChB, MD, PhD, The Netherlands
Edward R. Perl, MD, Neuroscience, USA
Issy Pilowsky, MD, Psychiatry/Psychosomatic Medicine, Australia
Paolo Procacci, MD, Internal Medicine, Italy
Dame Cicely M. Saunders, DBE MD Palliative Medicine, UK
Sir Sydney Sunderland, MD, DSc, FRACP, Australia
William H. Sweet, MD, DSc, USA
Mark Swerdlow, MD, FFARCS Anesthesiology, UK
Janos Szentagothai, MD, Hungary
Ugo Teodori, MD, Italy
Mario Tiengo, MD PhD Anesthesiology, Italy
Janet G. Travell, MD, DMS, Dsc, USA
Patrick D. Wall, DM, FRS, UK
James C. White, MD, USA
Yngve Zotterman, MD, ScD, Sweden

IASP Members


Ulf Lindblom, MD, DMSc, Sweden
Stephen Morley, PhD (United Kingdom)
Arthur G. Lipman, USA


Joann Eland, RN, PHD, USA
Steven Graff-Radford, DDS, USA
James Heavner, DVM, PhD, USA
Donald Price, PhD, USA
Prof. Prithvi Raj, MD, USA


Benjamin L. Crue Jr., (Neurosurgery), USA


Jean-Francois Bernard (Neuroscience/Pharmacology/Physiology), France
Krishna Kumar, MB MS (NESU-Neurosurgery/Surgery), Canada
Sydney Lawrence Librach (Palliative Med), Canada
Jose Roman De Jesus, MD (Pain Medicine), Puerto Rico
Lorne Eltherington, MD, PhD, USA


Geoffrey Hanks, DSc, MBBS, (Palliative Med), UK
James Geddis Kernohan, MB, FRCS (Orthopedic Surgery), UK
Nellie Muirden, MBBS, DTM&H, FAChPM, (Palliative Med), Australia
Amir Rafii, MD (Anesthesiology), USA
Djalintong L. Siregar, MD, FIPP (Pain Medicine), Germany
Howard S. Smith, MD (Anesthesiology), USA