Dues Auto-Renewal

IASP offers members the option to renew their membership dues automatically each year. This convenience allows you uninterrupted access to all of your IASP membership benefits, and more time to enjoy them!

How Does Dues Auto-Renewal Work?
Enroll in Dues Auto-Renewal during the join or renew payment checkout process, and choose to have your annual membership dues automatically charged to the credit card of your choice. When you enroll in Dues Auto-Renewal, you may select to renew your annual membership and SIG memberships, or only the annual IASP membership.

Once you save your selections, you will return to the payment page where you will enter your credit card for your current dues payment. That payment information will be saved in a secure and encrypted file to be used for future payments.

A year later, approximately two weeks before your next dues payment is due, you will receive a notification with the date and amount of the payment. You have the option at any time to change the credit card being used for Dues Auto-Renewal payments on your IASP My Account page, and may also chose to unenroll from the program at any time by contacting the IASP Membership Services Team.

Dues Auto-Renewal is only available as an annual process. Members who have selected the option to pay for two years of membership may enroll and will initially be charged for two years (with the accompanying 10% discount), and then charged annually at the standard rate when the two-year membership term has expired.