IASP Chapter Support

The purpose of IASP Chapter support is to allow IASP chapters to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of pain experts from around the world, and to strengthen ties between IASP and its chapters.

IASP provides chapter support in two ways:

  1. Visiting Professor Grant
  2. General Chapter Activities Grant

Please note that because of the large number of IASP chapters and limited funds, IASP will fund only one project per chapter, once every two years (see exception below). Decisions to fund requests will be based on the availability of financial resources, benefit of proposed projects, and support for previous requests.

Exception: New chapters-in-formation from developing or currency-restricted countries are eligible for up to US$10,000 support for an annual educational meeting, for up to three years from their beginning date. These funds can go toward either providing speakers or for other support as requested by the chapter.

Visiting Professor Grant

Purpose: To fund travel for a single IASP guest speaker at a Chapter meeting or event.

Eligibility Requirements: The speaker must be a current IASP member for at least one year before the grant application is submitted.

How to Apply:

  • Click here to download the application form as a Word document, or contact IASP to request an application form.
  • Apply at least three months before the planned meeting or event to ensure timely review of the application.
  • Identify other sources and amounts of funding for the speaker's visit, such as chapter funds, other association funds, pharmaceutical company funds, etc.
  • Send your completed application form to chapters@iasp-pain.org.

If Approved:

IASP will directly reimburse the speaker for the cost of economy airfare. The host chapter should make arrangements to fund the speaker's local expenses, such as hotel accommodations, meals, and ground transportation. After the event, the speaker will complete the IASP Report Form for Visiting Professors. This form provides feedback to help IASP assess and enhance this program. The Chapter should provide IASP with a report summarizing the meeting, including meeting outcomes, number of participants and pictures.

Chapter Activities Grant

Purpose: To fund chapter events and/or projects, including, but not limited to: translations, fellowships, joint symposia, and workshops.

How to Apply:

After Completion: Provide IASP with a report summarizing the project.