-IASP Virtual Series on Pain & Expo:How “Neuropathic” is Neuropathic Pain? Thoughts for Basic and Clinical Researchers

March 11, 2021

Our field generally groups pathophysiological pain into neuropathic and inflammatory, a useful dichotomy from a diagnostic standpoint. Yet, it is well-known that neuropathic lesions and any consequent peripheral sensitization are substantially driven by pro-inflammatory mediators. How do these two facts fit into one cohesive framework? Our nomenclature biases us to assume that neuropathic pain is somehow “less inflammatory” than inflammatory pain; however, is this actually supported by evidence? Our live workshop at IASP will examine this question in a series of talks, but for our virtual workshop we instead want to hear from you! Are you a basic or clinical researcher? A clinical practitioner? A patient or patient expert? Do you think of some types of pain as more or less inflammatory than others? What classifications are most useful to you in terms of diagnosis/ when deciding on treatment options? Do you think about neuropathic versus inflammatory pain models in your research?

3:00-4:30 ET