-IASP Virtual Series on Pain & Expo: Measuring Affective States Across Species in Relation to Pain

February 25, 2021

The affective component of pain is a significant contributor to the more global experience of patient suffering. Opioids alleviate the negative affective component of pain and make the pain less aversive. However, affective state is not just a product of pain, it can also be a driver of pain. Pre-surgical catastrophizing reliably predicts a higher self-reported pain score after the surgery. A number of interventions to reduce pre-surgical anticipatory anxiety successfully modify post-surgical pain in a variety of patient populations. Beyond traditional measures of evoked stimuli, the ability to study the bidirectional relationship between pain and affective state in animal models requires new tools be added to the in-vivo scientist’s toolbox. The theory and data supporting the value of affective state measurements in animal models of pain will be explored, including introduction to several methods of evaluating affective state, in several common pre-clinical animal model species: mouse

9:00-10:30 ET