-IASP Virtual Series on Pain & Expo: Is Nocebo Placebo's Evil Twin?

February 11, 2021

The nocebo effect refers to worsening of symptoms or adverse events that are related either to the use of placebo or to the active treatment, caused by factors such as negative suggestions, past experiences, and misattribution, but not the pharmacological or physiological effects of the therapy. Unlike placebo, which can be used to help to relieve symptoms or potentiate the effect of a treatment, nocebo is always unwanted. Nocebo may make a treatment look ineffective or harmful, and, therefore, it distorts the treatment effect in clinical practice, in biomedical experiments, and clinical trials. We suggest the virtual workshop to complement the face-to-face workshop by engaging the audience in discussion about the nature and definition of nocebo. The face-to-face workshop will focus on the nocebo effect in the context of clinical practice and trials.

9:00-10:30 ET