-IASP Virtual Series on Pain & Expo: Teva Symposium: Role of CGRP in Pain Pathways: Migraine and Other Headache Disorders

November 5, 2020

This symposium will introduce pain specialists to the CGRP-related pain pathways in migraine and other headache disorders. Dr. Rami Burstein, an expert on the pathophysiology of neural pathways that underlie migraine pain, will discuss the role of CGRP in headache and pain. As a neurologist and pain specialist, Dr. Charles Argoff will offer his insights from the pain clinic on migraine and headache disorders in patients. Dr. Antoinette Maassen van den Brink, a neuropharmacologist, will both moderate the discussion and present pharmacological and clinical data on CGRP-targeted treatment options for the prevention of migraine. The program will end with a case study discussion of patients with migraine and pain. Questions may be submitted throughout the program to be addressed by the faculty during a live Q&A session following the presentations. This symposium is sponsored by Teva Pharmaceuticals.