-ALiVE Theater- IASP Virtual Series on Pain & Expo- Why Don't Patients Do What I Tell Them to? The Art and Scienve of Healthcare Communication

February 25, 2021

Every interaction between health care professionals and people seeking care involves communication and some form of education, yet our training programs often don’t address these crucial pieces of the treatment puzzle. Clinicians are not taught how to teach or how to effectively communicate, and thus can become frustrated when patients aren’t following treatment recommendations. Patients can also experience frustration when they are not being heard, they’re concerns are not being addressed, or their pain is invalidated. How can we do better? In this session we will identify some of the barriers to effective communication between patients and healthcare professionals, including clinicians and researchers. We will then explore various solutions that will help ease the understandable frustrations felt by healthcare professionals and patients alike. This session goes beyond dialogue and checklists, expounding upon how to listen to understand, the value of meaningful conversations that can facilitate change, and how to co-create new, more therapeutic narratives that help patients make sense of their pain in ways that make both biological and biographical sense. We will explore how to guide patients to new understandings of their pain and what can be done, including what they can do, about it.

13:00-14:30 ET