Young to Young 2

April 10 – April 11, 2020

“We are moving from sharing to cooperation in collective action” (Clay Shirky) YOUNG Are you young, working in the field of pain study and management? Y2Y is a program for young, interested professionals who want to discuss and solve existing problems. TO The project provides for communication and interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists from various countries. You can share your achievements as well as your vision of ways to solve various problems with young residents from other countries and clinics. YOUNG By participating in the project you get the opportunity to become part of an interdisciplinary and international movement that aims to bring new ideas to life and, equally importantly, into clinical practice. • Partnership. Interdisciplinary collaboration • Analysis of common problems. Discussion and identification of general and particular problems. • Intercommunication. Free communication. • desigN of problem solving strategies. Development of effective strategies and tasks f

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