2021 Australian Pain Society 40th Annual Scientific Meeting (APS 2020)

April 18 – April 21, 2021

The Australian Pain Society’s ASM is the only multidisciplinary conference in Australia offering insights into the complex nature of pain management from a variety of medical, nursing and allied health perspectives. The 2021 Australian Pain Society 41st Annual Scientific Meeting (APS 2021) is being held from 18 - 21 April 2021, in Canberra, ACT. The Australian Pain Society continues to align their conference theme with the IASP Global Year; in 2021 this is, ‘the IASP Global Year Against Back Pain’. The program will be full of inspiring national and international speakers who will provide a veritable glance at the most complex, challenging, provocative and indeed interesting topic: Pain. The Scientific Program Committee is thrilled to have procured three most impressive international speakers: Professor Allan Basbaum is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Anatomy at the University California San Francisco, USA. His research addresses the molecular mechanisms that underlie the generation of persistent pain after tissue or nerve injury. Professor Siri Leknes is a Professor of Social and Affective Neuroscience at the University of Oslo, Norway and a Senior Researcher at Oslo University Hospital. Her lab, the Leknes Affective Brain lab (LAB lab) studies how the brain and body give rise to pleasurable and painful feelings, and how these feelings are connected to decisions and behaviour. Dr Amanda C de C Williams is Reader (Associate Professor) in clinical health psychology at University College London; consultant clinical psychologist at the Pain Management Centre, University College London Hospital, UK; and research consultant for the International Centre for Health and Human Rights. They will be joined by an inspiring range of national speakers who will provide a glance into some of the most complex, provoking, challenging and dynamic areas of pain management in an exciting program. The APS is focused on bringing the APS membership, and all those with an interest in pain management, back together again in 2021. We hope you can join us.

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Contact: APS 2020 Confernece Secretariat | DC Conferences via telephone +61 2 9954 4400 or via email aps2021@dcconferences.com.au