Seminar on "Old-Age Care and Pain Management"

October 28, 2018

Jharkhand, India

Chronic pain is prevalent among older adults but is under recognized and under treated.The approach to pain assessment and management in older adults requires an understanding of physiology of ageing , validated assessment tools, and common pain presentations among older adults.

Objective: To identify the overall principles of pain management in older adults with a specific focus on common painful conditions and approaches to pharmacologic and non pharmacological treatment. Although treatment regimens range from the relatively simple, short-term management to complex ,long -term therapy required for many chronic pain syndromes, all pain treatment is guided by the same underlying principle.

  1. Every older adult deserves adequate pain management.
  2. Base the treatment plan on the older adult's goals.
  3. Follow the principles of pain assessment.
  4. Use both drug and non drugs therapies.
  5. Prevent and /or manage medication side effects.
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of all therapies to ensure that they are meeting the resident's goals.
  7. Incorporate older adults and family teaching throughout assessments and treatment.
  8. Address pain using an inter-disciplinary approach.

The multidimensional nature of the pain experience often requires the involvement of many disciplines These can include psychology ,physical and occupational therapy, pharmacy services, spiritual care, prosthetics and othotics service and multiple medical specialities, as well as complementary therapy practitioners,such as massage therapist acupuncturist, Ayurveda and yoga and art therapist.

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