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President's Message

Enhancing membership and member value is one of my presidential goals. We should continuously strive to ensure that being an IASP member is administratively easy. We once did a survey of lapsed members, and asked for the reasons they did not renew. The top answer was “I forgot.” I have been an IASP member since 1989, and am guilty of this myself. This is why I am so pleased to announce that IASP now has a Dues Auto-Renewal option. You can enroll during the payment checkout process the next time you renew your dues just by clicking a button. I hope you will take advantage of this convenience, and not risk missing a dues payment again.

I am also pleased to announce that our 2018 Council meeting will take place later this month in Cape Town, South Africa. As another goal for leadership is to ensure we constantly listen to the members. This summer we surveyed members who signed up to volunteer for IASP and asked for their opinions and suggestions about strategic actions. The response to this survey has formed the basis for the strategic discussion we will have at the Council meeting. I wish to thank our members for helping the IASP leadership to frame and focus the strategic discussions. Your valued input will help in forming the future of IASP.

We are currently working closely with the South African IASP Chapter to utilize the many Councilors who will be in the region. Councilors will be speaking and participating in pain academy event, which has been organized adjacent to our Council meeting. 

Africa is actually on my ‘to-do-Iist’ as an action point. I have recently reached out to chapter leaders and involved members across Africa to discuss gaps and opportunities, and this is the first of many events we plan for Africa in the coming years. I hope to find external funding for implementing new educational initiatives across Africa – and any suggestions will be very welcomed.

We are all fully aware of the many issues and obstacles in Africa. This will not stop us working for improving pain management in Africa and we will follow the words of wisdom from John Lennon: “There are no problems, only opportunities.”

Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Dr. Med., PhD
IASP President