2020 Developing Countries Pain Education Grant

Post-operative Pain: Educational courses for physicians, nurses, and anesthesia technicians

In Mozambique, there is an important knowledge gap in pain management in healthcare professionals at all levels and there is no specific educational program on pain management in most medical schools. With this grant, Dr. Miquidade will evaluate the prevalence of post-operative pain in Maputo Central Hospital and train healthcare professionals in post-operative pain management. Currently, post-operative pain remains neglected. Controlling post-operative pain is important not only for pain relief, but also for additional medical and economic benefits including faster recovery, reduction of hospitalization time and costs, and greater patient outcomes. This grant will help healthcare professionals integrate post-operative pain management into their pain care protocols and help improve the quality of life for pain patients.  

About the Organizer:

Dr. Emílía da Felicidade Venturas Pinto Miquidade is the Director of Pain and Palliative Care Unit in Maputo Central Hospital (Mozambique), President of the Mozambican Association for the Study of Pain, Vice Chairman of Maputo Central Hospital's Opioid Commission, Focal point on Palliative Care in the National Cancer Program of the Ministry of Health, and Invited Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (Portugal). She specializes in anesthesiology, holds a Master in Pain Management, and is currently working on her PhD.