2020 Developing Countries Pain Education Grant

Design and pilot study of an online course to empower health professionals in the care of elderly pain in Santa Marta, Colombia

In research conducted, Dr. Martín Carbonell and her team have found some particularities in the way Colombian elders cope with pain and have not found any pain educate programs that are culturally oriented to their unique needs. This grant will help to design an online course to empower health professionals in the care of elderly pain in Santa Marta, Colombia, and doing and a pilot study. This course will be focused in promoting knowledge and communicative abilities so that health professionals will be able to empower the elders with self-care techniques for pain management.

About the Organizer:

Marta de la Caridad Martín Carbonell was born in Havana, Cuba. She is a psychologist and received her Doctor of Health Sciences. She completed her doctoral thesis, The psychological evaluation of pain. Strategies for our environment in 2002 at the Medical University of Havana.  She is a Professor and Researcher in the Faculty of Psychology of the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia. She has been working in care and research in pain psychology for more than 30 years. She directed the Scientific Working Group on Pain Psychology that advised the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba in 1990s on policies and strategies for multidisciplinary care for pain. She is a Member of the Cuban chapter of the IASP and has been part of the Colombian chapter since 2019. She has published more than 30 papers on pain and psychogerontology and has presented more than 40 papers at international scientific events. She is the author of procedures for the psychological evaluation of patients with pain, suitable to the practical context of Cuba, which have been used in different Latin American countries. She has participated in the generation of programs for postgraduate training in issues related to pain care and in programs to develop skills and attitudes suitable for multidisciplinary work in pain. She is developing research projects on pain in elderly people in Caribbean countries (Cuba, Colombia and Puerto Rico) that are allowing to identify peculiarities and common aspects that justify the development of culturally training programs oriented to health professionals of this medium.