Headache Pain

Why Headache?

Headache disorders are the most prevalent of the neurological conditions and among the most frequent of medical complaints seen in general practice. They take many forms, including migraine, tension-type headache, trigemino-autonomic cephalalgia (cluster headache), primary stabbing headache, primary sex headache, or rarer conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia or persistent idiopathic facial pain. Half of the general population experience headache during any given year, and more than 90% report a lifetime history of head pain. The most severely disabled 3% experience a headache such as chronic migraine and chronic tension-type headache at least 15 days per month. Headache disorders contribute to a considerable loss of work time and productivity.

Letter from the President

I am pleased to announce the 2011-2012 Global Year Against Headache campaign, which will launch on Monday, October 17, 2011. This year, the IASP-sponsored initiative will draw attention to one of the most common, painful, and disabling conditions that affect people throughout their lives: the headache. We are proud to work this year with the International Headache Society, whose members collaborated with ours to write fact sheets on different headache types and classifications, the epidemiology of headache, and approaches to study and treatment. They are available free in the five WHO languages on the IASP website.

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