Dr. Fauzia Khan (Pakistan)

2016 Developing Countries Working Group Grant Winner


"Addressing Pain Assessment and Management in Paediatric Anaesthesia and Surgery. Basic Introductory Courses"

Summary:Dr. Fauzia Khan (Pakistan)

Accurate pain assessment is the first step in pain management, and appropriate pain management reduces both morbidity and mortality, costs and satisfaction. Pain assessment in children is complex and the available tools are different from those used in adult patient. Also different tools available for different age groups.

Paediatric surgical pain management in Pakistan is a neglected area. We intend to run three two day courses for health care professionals (doctors, nurses and technicians) over a period of one year (2016-2017) covering the core issues in paediatric surgical pain.

The objective of these courses will be to review the fundamentals of pain assessment and management in children. The participants for the course will be formally taught the use of different tools in pain assessment in different age groups.

Participants will be selected from institutions all over the province of Sindh. Each course will compose of didactic lectures, interactive sessions, and group work. The post-test assessment for the participants will be followed up by a telephonic assessment two months later to assess the change in practice.

The ultimate beneficiaries of this course will be the paediatric patients and their families.

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