2020 Global Year: Message from the IASP President

IASP Dedicates 2020 Global Year to the Prevention of Pain

IASP has named 2020 as the Global Year for the Prevention of Pain where we will focus on primary, secondary as well as tertiary prevention. We hope this advocacy campaign brings together the global community to disseminate pain prevention strategies to researchers, clinicians, and patients in the hopes of achieving better patient outcomes and contributing to IASP’s mission statement of working toward pain relief worldwide.

As pain professionals, it is our duty to communicate pain prevention methods to patients and the general public in order to ensure proper care at the proper time and hopefully avoid chronic pain for developing or, at the very least, lessen the impact it has on daily functioning and quality of life. As experts in the field, we need to give those living with pain the tools to prevent pain and self-manage pain that is occurring.

Throughout this year, IASP will be offering a variety of materials dedicated to communicating pain prevention methods geared toward researchers, clinicians, and those living with pain. We have an exciting lineup of fact sheets, webinars (on the Global Year webpage and with PRF), and other communications to share with you. These will be freely available, and we encourage you to share the information widely. We will also be noting articles in PAIN and PAIN Reports that are related to the Global Year theme. These will also be free to access, so everyone can read the latest research on prevention methods.

We encourage you to join us at IASP’s 2020 World Congress on Pain in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 4-8 August where we will feature talks, workshops, and other events dedicated to pain prevention. As the premier forum for pain research worldwide, the latest research is showcased here first. Attendees will meet others in the global pain community and learn the newest prevention strategies which to take back to their labs and clinics.

For members, IASP’s Pain Education Research Center (PERC) has the latest on-demand learning on pain prevention which can be accessed anytime, anywhere for research on your own terms.

We hope that you will take part in the Global Year for the Prevention of Pain by hosting your own events related to theme, distributing IASP materials in your country, translating resources to your local language, or partnering with IASP on webinars or other communications related to your area of interest.

Patient engagement has been an important priority in IASP's strategy. The Global Alliance of Pain Patient Advocates (GAPPA) has been integrated into various IASP activities and will be an important element of Global Year activities.

We look forward to numerous activities around the world, in collaboration with our chapters, federations, members and their colleagues, to disseminate the crucial information.

Together, we can provide the latest research, clinical practices, and self-management techniques to work toward a world with less pain. For more information on the IASP Global Year, please visit our website. If you have ideas for activities or resources to support these efforts or are already doing these in your country, please let us know at globalyear@iasp-pain.org. We are happy to promote any IASP activities you all plan.

Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Prof., Dr. Med, PhD