2018 Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education Webinar Series

2018 Global Year Webinars:

Including Qualitative Research in Pain Education – July 12

This webinar will introduce attendees to the 2018 IASP Global Year Qualitative Resource, an eBook titled "Including Qualitative Research in Pain Education." 

The eBook can be accessed at: http://ebooks.iasp-pain.org/pain_education/

Francine Toye, PhD (UK)
Kate Seers, PhD, RN (UK)

Abdominal and Pelvic Pain: Scientific Progress Vis-à-vis Clinical Evaluation and Management – July 25

This free webinar will provide a scientific update with clinical relevance on abdominal and pelvic pain against a backdrop of current basic research.

Kevin Hellman, PhD (USA)
Sandy Hilton, DPT (USA)
Frank Tu, MD, (USA)
Moderator: Qasim Aziz, PhD (UK)

Interprofessional Pain Education: Moving the Agenda Forward – September 27

This free webinar outlines core competencies for pain management and interprofessional collaborative teams; describe the framework and core principles of interprofessional education; and discuss examples of how interprofessional education have and can be applied to pain management learning experiences.

Scott Fishman, MD (USA)
Debra Gordon RN, DNP, FAAN (USA)
Judy Watt-Watson RN, MSc, PhD (Canada)

Education Innovations to Improve Provider Knowledge to Care for Older Persons with Pain – October 25

This free webinar is designed to provide the learner with exemplars of approaches to enhance provider knowledge regarding best practices for pain assessment and management in older persons through the use of innovative education approaches.  

Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, PhD (Canada)
Speaker and Moderator: Keela Herr, PhD, RN, AGSF, FGSA, FAAN (USA)
Discussion Panelist: Patricia Schofield, PhD, RN (UK)

Pain Education in Developing Countries – November 15 

This webinar will discuss key developments and achievements in pain education in Asian, South Asian, and Southeast Asian nations over the last decade. It will also look at the current status of pain education in developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa, the need for more education in these countries, challenges and benefits of having comprehensive pain education, and how education can be improved. The talk will highlight the role of various organizations in improving pain education, along with how e-learning can widen access to pain education for healthcare professionals and students.

Babita Ghai, MD, DNB, FAMS (India)
Sue Jenkins, MSc, PGCert HCPE, RGN (UK)
Hellen Kariuki, BDS, MSc, PhD (Kenya)

To learn more about the Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education, please visit: iasp-pain.org/GlobalYear

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