2018 Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education:
Patient Education

Patient Education is one of four areas on which the Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education will focus. We will post publications, resources, and information about Global Year events on this page throughout the year, so please check back periodically. Be sure to follow the #GYPainEducation conversation and IASP on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter, and look for Global Year information in PAIN: E-Monthly.

Here are the aims of this domain:

  • Understand pain better through patient stories
  • Promote patient education: patient, caregiver, and public health avenues
  • Facilitate patient education by professionals through activities and resources

Prospectus: Why educate patients about pain?

People with acute or chronic pain often are unaware of their treatment options or may hold inaccurate or value-laden beliefs about pain that obstruct the path to treatment and relief. This prospectus shows how educating patients about pain could be highly beneficial.

Tame the Beast

A video for patients that helps them learn new approaches to reducing their pain. Created by Lorimer Moseley, a professor of clinical neuroscience and chair in physiotherapy at the University of South Australia, and David Moen, a physiotherapist at Form Physiotherapy in Adelaide, Australia, the Tame the Beast website offers resources to help patients "retrain" their pain systems. 

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