Robert Coghill, PhD, (USA)

Senior Scientist & Director of Research Department of Anesthesiology
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

IASP Activities

Member since 1996
2005-2008 Associate Editorial Board, PAIN
2006-2008 Committee on Research
2013-2016 Task Force on Pain Terminology
2013-Current Section Editor – Pain Imaging and Measurement, PAIN

Professional Background

Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate to obtain a very broad perspective on pain research. I started by performing single-unit electrophysiological and imaging studies in animals, then moved on to perform imaging and psychophysical studies in mostly healthy adults, and have now entered a new phase in my career by extending my research into children with chronic pain. As my career has progressed, I have become more aware of the need to make research available to patients, providers, and payers in order to improve both practice and policy.

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