Nominated for Councilor:
Theodore John Price, PhD

Current professional title(s) and affiliation:
Eugene McDermott Professor, Director of Center for Advanced Pain Studies and Neuroscience Program Head, University of Texas at Dallas, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Dallas, Texas, USA

A brief description of your work and interests in the pain field:
My research is focused on the neurobiology of pain. Over my nearly 20-year career in the pain field I have contributed to understanding how injury leads to plasticity in the peripheral and central nervous systems promoting the development of chronic pain. A primary goal of my laboratory’s work is to identify new targets for the potential treatment or prevention of chronic pain and then to develop therapeutics that can move toward the clinic.

A brief statement of why you are interested in running for the position:
IASP is the most important pain research organization on Earth. The problem of treating pain is a major challenge facing societies across the planet. Better education, treatments and policy are all needed to tackle the problem that pain presents. IASP is leading this global effort. I want to play a bigger role in improving pain care throughout the world by contributing my expertise in the neurobiology of pain and acute and chronic pain therapeutic development to IASP as a Councilor.

Listing of IASP activities including current and prior IASP committees, working groups, or SIG leadership groups on which you have served:
I have been actively involved in IASP since joining in the early 2000s. I have served on several IASP committees including the Strategic Planning Committee the Governance Council Committee and the Membership Committee. I co-led the IASP Futures Task Force in 2014 and I was actively involved in the committee that established IASP’s first Open Access Journal: PAIN Reports. I have been an associated editor for PAIN since 2008. These activities demonstrate my long-standing dedication to the success of IASP. I have also received the Patrick D. Wall Young Investigator Award from IASP, an award which I consider one of the most important achievements of my career.