Nominated for Councilor:
Esther M. Pogatzki-Zahn, MD, PhD

Current professional title(s) and affiliation:
Anesthesiologist, Pain Specialist,
Professor of Anesthesia and Pain Management,
Head of Acute Pain Service, University Hospital Muenster,
Principle Investigator/Head of Pain Research group “Translational Pain Research” at the University Hospital, Muenster, Germany

A brief description of your work and interests in the pain field:
As a full professor in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, I am actively involved in pain management (chair of the pain service), pain research (PI of the “Translational Pain Research” group) and teaching at the University Hospital Muenster, Germany. In particular, my research group is interested in delineating the mechanisms inherent in acute and prolonged pain after surgery (as well as cancer and neuropathic pain and itch). Furthermore, I am actively involved in pain registries (for example Pain-Out) and initiatives related to acute pain (for example the prospect initiative), Cochrane analysis, guideline developments and teaching activities related to pain as well as initiatives aiming to develop new patient-related outcome parameters for certain pain states.

A brief statement of why you are interested in running for the position:
Since I have been dealing with pain after surgery for almost 20 years, I would like to support and reinforce especially this aspect within IASP (clinically and scientifically). As one of the founders of the SIG Acute Pain and currently being the Co-Chair of this SIG, I would like to advance this field within IASP - including a focus on the transition from acute to chronic pain. Here, I see a strong connection to many topics that are represented within IASP which I would like to bring closer together (for example neuropathic, cancer and musculoskeletal pain; genetics/omics and pain; gender differences; education; pain in children). Pain registries are becoming increasingly important; within IASP I would like to help developing new pain registries and/or support existing registries to work more closely together. Furthermore, one important newly developing area relates to patient reported outcome parameters (PROMs) and biomarkers for specific patient populations/ clinical situations and I would like to support activities within IASP related to this issue. Finally, I would like to support activities for young pain scientists and physicians, for example by organizing Sommer Schools and establishing young scientist programs.

Listing of IASP activities including current and prior IASP committees, working groups, or SIG leadership groups on which you have served:

  • Member of the IASP scientific program committee for the Congress in Yokohama (2016) and the Congress in Boston (2018)
  • Founding Member of the Acute Pain Special Interest Group (2005)
  • Newsletter editor for the Acute Pain Special Interest Group (2005-2015, Co-editor 2016-2017)
  • Vice-Chair of the Acute Pain Special Interest Group (2017-2018)
  • Member of the Global Year “Pain after Surgery” Task Force (2016-2017)
  • Member of the Global Year “Acute Pain” Task Force (2010-2011)
  • Co-Chair/Chair of the Organization Committee for the Acute Pain SIG Symposia “Pain after Surgery” in Copenhagen 2017, "Are Perioperative Opioids Obsolete?" in Yokohama 2016, “The Challenges of Acute Pain Management" 2012 in Milano and several others before.