Nominated for Secretary:
Michael Nicholas, PhD

Current professional title(s) and affiliation:
Professor and Director of Pain Education and Pain Management Programs, Pain Management Research Institute, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia

A brief description of your work and interests in the pain field:
I have worked in the pain field since 1980 as a clinician, researcher, educator, and more recently, in leadership roles to promote accessible and effective pain services in many countries. Clinically, I have mostly worked as a member of interdisciplinary teams. My research has included investigating the roles of psychological contributors to pain and the prevention or management of pain-related disability. My educational interests have included online post-graduate courses on pain and its management for all health disciplines, as well as developing and delivering innovative training in pain management skills for improving the lives of pain patients, nationally and internationally.

A brief statement of why you are interested in running for the position:
My experience on Council and the last 2 years as secretary has given me a good understanding of the role the position. In addition to my experience, I would bring my expertise in facilitating interdisciplinary teamwork, effective communication skills, and an ability to work collaboratively with wide range of people from different backgrounds. I think my enthusiasm for IASP and its important roles in promoting pain research, education and evidence-informed treatments for pain should be clear from my IASP activity list. In this position I would hope I could continue to contribute to furthering the mission of IASP world-wide.

Listing of IASP activities including current and prior IASP committees, working groups, or SIG leadership groups on which you have served:

  • Member of IASP Council, 2010-2016
  • Secretary of IASP, and associated roles on Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and Presidential Task Force for Evaluation of Executive Director, 2016-present
  • Chair of the Educational Initiatives Working Group (EIWG) from 2012-16
  • Member of the Nominations committee, 2012-15
  • Member, of Taskforce on Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education, and Leader of Project
  • Group on post-graduate educational resources, 2017-present
  • Member of the Presidential Taskforce on Multimodal Pain Treatment, 2015-17
  • Member of the IASP Taskforce on ICD-11, 2014 - present
  • Member, IASP Curriculum on Pain for Psychology Outline Revision Task Force, 2017-18
  • Member of Faculty, IASP Pain Camp, Myanmar, 2018
  • Member, Advisory Group for IASP-ASEAPS joint project to develop, equip, and pilot a guide for multidisciplinary pain clinics in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Myanmar, 2018-20
  • Participant in the IASP Strategic Review in 2014.
  • Associate Editor for the Psychology Section of PAIN, 2009-present
  • Member of editorial board of PAIN: Clinical Updates, 2016-present
  • Member of the editorial board of Pain Insight, 2010-12
  • Member of the 2005-08 Scientific Program Committee for the Glasgow World Congress.
  • Inaugural Treasurer and Executive member for the Pain and Movement SIG, 2002-2005