Proposed Amendments to the IASP Bylaws

Please take a moment to review the proposed bylaws changes below:

Dear IASP Members,

It is customary for membership organizations, such as IASP, to regularly review and update governance documents such as the governance policies and association bylaws. Although policy changes can be approved by the IASP Council at any Council meeting, any changes to the IASP bylaws require approval by a majority of the IASP Membership, as stated in our bylaws Article XIII Amendments, Section 13.01 (B), as follows:

These bylaws may be amended or repealed in whole or in part as follows:

On resolution by a majority action of the Councilors then in office, or by a written proposal signed by one hundred (100) or ten percent of the Regular Members, whichever is less, followed by approval of a ballot of voting Members initiated by the Council, approved by a simple majority of votes cast by voting Members, with the effective date of the amendment being the deadline for the return of the ballots.

The last updates to the association bylaws were approved in October 2010. Given this length of time, we have thoroughly reviewed the bylaws and identified a number of areas for needed changes. Over the last year, the IASP bylaws have been thoroughly reviewed by IASP leadership (including the Executive Committee and Council), IASP staff, and IASP legal counsel.

It was important, in our review process, to ensure that IASP bylaws:

  • Reflect current organizational practices
  • Comply with current laws in Washington, D.C. USA (IASP is officially registered in Washington, D.C.)
  • Align with best practices in association management
  • Present in clear, transparent and unambiguous language organizational practices and procedures

In compliance with the IASP bylaws, the IASP Council has reviewed and approved amendments to the bylaws and requests final approval of these changes by ballot of the IASP membership. Voting Members will have an opportunity to cast their vote to approve or reject these amendments in conjunction with the upcoming election of Officers and Councilors. The three-week voting period will occur in May 2018.

Please review the proposed bylaws amendments and a summary memo explaining the rationale behind the proposed amendments.

I hope that you will take the time to review the proposed amendments and supporting material and that you will vote to support these changes. If you have any concerns or questions, I invite you to submit your comments at

Thank you for your membership in IASP and your support of our professional society!


Judith A. Turner, Ph.D.
IASP President