Michael Rowbotham, MD (USA), Treasurer

120716Allen_Finley005_LINKEDiNUCSF Adjunct Professor of Anesthesia and Professor Emeritus of Neurology; Attending Neurologist, UCSF Pain Management Center


IASP Activities

IASP Task Force on Opioid Sensitivity of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain (1997-2000)
IASP Council (1999-2005)
IASP Publications committee (2000-2005)
IASP Bylaws committee (2003-2005)
IASP Liaison SIG on Pain and the Sympathetic Nervous System (2003-2005)
Contributing Author, IASP Task Force on Professional Education Core Curriculum for Professional Education in Pain, 3rd ed. (2005)
IASP Finance and Publications committees (2009-2012)       
2012-2016       IASP Treasurer
2016- present  IASP Finance Committee
IASP Task Force on Cannabis and Cannabinoid Medicine for Clinical Pain (2019-present)   

Professional Background

For 30 years, my neurology practice and research has focused on chronic pain, especially neuropathic pain. I’ve been a leader in treatment development and evaluation via novel trial designs, including the lidocaine patch, gabapentin, opioids, antidepressants, and experimental compounds. Recently, I led all research at Sutter Health, the 8th largest US health care system with five research institutes. Mentoring  clinical researchers, promoting ethics in research, and increasing clinical research transparency remain core focus areas.

Interests: trial design/methodology, neuropathic pain mechanisms, human experimental pain models, zoster/PHN, therapy development, opioid hyperalgesia and addiction, ethics and transparency in clinical research.


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