João Batista Garcia, MD, PhD, (Brazil)


Anesthesiologist & Professor, Federal University of Maranhão / Brazil (UFMA)

President-elect, Latin American Federation of Associations for the Study of Pain


Professional Background

I teach the discipline of Fundamentals of Pain and Palliative Care and guides studies in these areas. I coordinate the Pain League of Maranhão, an extension project of UFMA, which brings together several professionals and students, who in addition to the teaching objective provides care to patients with pain at the Universitary Hospital of UFMA and at the Oncology Institute of Maranhão, where he also works actively in palliative care. In 2013, I founded the Experimental Laboratory for the Study of Pain (LEED) of UFMA, where I act in the orientation of studies especially for postgraduate students in experimental models of inflammatory, neuropathic and visceral pain. I am a published author of numerous articles in national and international journals, chapters of books and conferences in the area of pain and palliative care. Also, I am active member of the Brazilian Society for the Study of Pain (was Scientific Director for the biennium 2007-08, Vice President 2009-10 and President 2011-12).

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