Michele Sterling, PhD, MPhty, BPhty, FACP, (Australia)


Director, NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Road Traffic Injury Recovery, Associate Director, Recover Injury Research Centre

Menzies Health Institute of Queensland, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia


IASP Activities

IASP Member Since 1997

Scientific Program Committee 2010; Grants Review Panel 2011 - 2016

Professional Background

I have been working in clinical pain research since the completion of my PhD in 2003. Prior to this I was a clinical physiotherapist for over 20 years. My research focus has been on the mechanisms underlying the development of chronic pain following musculoskeletal injury; developing predictive models and clinical algorithms for outcome after injury and developing effective interventions for musculoskeletal pain conditions.  I have published over 140 scientific papers and book chapters as well as three books in the areas of whiplash injury and musculoskeletal pain.  I am Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Australian Pain Society.

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