Judith Turner, PhD, (USA), Past President


Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Adjunct Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine

Co-Director, Behavioral Health Services, UW Medicine Center for Pain Relief

IASP Activities

IASP Member Since 1978

President; President-Elect; Secretary; Councilor; PAIN Editorial Board member; Member of numerous committees

Professional Background

Since the 1970s, my goal as a clinical psychologist and clinical researcher has been to improve treatments for chronic pain. My research has focused on (1) evaluating and comparing the benefits of different medical, surgical, and cognitive-behavioral treatments for a variety of pain conditions; (2) predicting outcomes from such treatments to optimize treatment for individual patients; and (3) conducting systematic reviews of the evidence base for chronic pain treatments. My clinical work involves assessment and treatment of patients at the University of Washington’s multidisciplinary pain center. Since the beginning of my professional career, I have been active in IASP and the American Pain Society.

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