Scientific Program Committee (Amsterdam 2020)

The role of this committee is to plan, direct and supervise the Congress' scientific program, develop the overall Congress schedule, review and rate the proposed technical workshops and plenary sessions and suggest and help implement ways to increase the Congress' appeal to particular groups such as trainees, primary care physicians or potential delegates from the developing world. The committee provides continuous feedback throughout the Congress planning cycle, assists in the review of submitted poster abstracts, and develops the selection process for Congress special lectures.

Chair: Andrew Rice, UK
Michiel Reneman, Netherlands (LAC Chair)
Michael Gold, USA (2018 SPC Chair)
Ian Gilron, Canada (2022 SPC Chair)
Qasim Aziz, UK
David Bennett, UK
Sushma Bhatnagar, India
Cathy Cahill, USA
Mario Campero, Chile
Michael Costigan, USA
Antoon De Laat, Belgium
Robert Edwards, USA
Anne-Marie Heegaard, Denmark
Frank Huygen, Netherlands
Supranee Niruthisard, Thailand
Melanie Noel, Canada
Romy Parker, South Africa
Xuejun Song, China
Michele Sterling, Australia 
Jennifer Stinson, Canada
Cheryl Stucky, USA
Camilla Svensson, Sweden
Nurcan Uçeyler, Germany
Lene Vase, Denmark
Irina Vetter, Australia
Tor Wager, USA
Shigeki Yamaguchi,Japan
IASP President: Lars Arendt-Nielsen
Staff Liaison: Rachael Heiner