In Memoriam: Vittorio Ventafridda

Vittorio Ventafridda, MD
Milan, Italy

Professor Vittorio Ventafridda passed away on October 23, 2008, in Milan, Italy. He was one of the founders of IASP in 1973 and served on the Council from 1990 to 1996. He served on several IASP committees, including the Scientific Program Committees for the Edinburgh (1981) and Hamburg (1987) Congresses, as well as the Educational Development Committee in 1987.

In partnership with Virgilio Floriani, Ventafridda founded the Floriani Foundation to help terminally ill patients. Later, with the help of that foundation, he created a continuing-care program for terminally ill patients that became a key component of the WHO Cancer Pain Relief Program.

Ventafridda also was one of the authors of the WHO Analgesic Ladder, which has since been translated into nearly 30 different languages for use around the world.