Council Position No5 Candidate: Peter Kamerman, PhD

Current professional title(s) and affiliation(s):
School of Physiology, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

A brief description of your work and interests in the pain field:
For the past 15 years my principal area of research has been on pain, in particular neuropathic pain, in people living with HIV/AIDS from largely indigent black African populations. This work has highlighted the burden of pain, and the need for effective pharmacological and psychosocial interventions, in this stigmatized community. In addition, I have undertaken significant work in pain education, including the development of pain management guidelines and the introduction of education programmes, such as the Essential Pain Management curriculum, in my country.

A brief statement of why you are interested in running for the position:
The IASP is one of the principal conduits for improving the management of, and research on, pain globally. While performing work for the IASP and its special interest group, NeuPSIG, I have observed a strong ethos of getting work done for the betterment of the pain community. I believe that through my past activities within the IASP, and my grassroots educational work with my local IASP chapter, Pain South Africa (PainSA), I will operate effectively as a councillor, especially for the furtherment of pain education in low- and middle-income countries.

Listing of IASP activities including current and prior IASP committees, working groups, task forces, or SIG leadership groups on which you have served:
i) Member of the IASP Developing Countries Working Group
ii) Chair of the IASP task group that applied to have gabapentin included on the WHO List of Essential Medicines
iii) Member of the Scientific Program Committee for the World Congress on Pain (Japan 2016 and Boston 2018)
iv) Member of the IASP task group for the Global Year Against Neuropathic Pain
v) Member of the management committee (2010-2012) and secretary (2012-2016) of NeuPSIG.