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The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) works to support research, education, clinical treatment, and better patient outcomes for all pain conditions with the goal of improving pain relief worldwide.
With more than 7,000 members representing 125 countries, 96 national chapters, and 24 Special Interest Groups (SIGs), IASP fosters the exchange of ideas and education to advance the field of pain science. Membership is open to all professionals involved in research, diagnosis, or treatment of pain.
Founded in 1973, the association is governed by an international Council composed of officers and councilors elected by the membership. Members may also serve on committees, task forces, and working groups. The current IASP president is Claudia Sommer, MD, Professor of Neurology, Department of Neurology, University of Würzburg, Germany.

IASP Mission

IASP brings together scientists, clinicians, health-care providers, and policymakers to stimulate and support the study of pain and translate that knowledge into improved pain relief worldwide.


  • How do I log on?
    Enter your username and password in the upper right-hand corner of any page on the website. If you are not logged in and you choose an item that is accessible to members only, or if you buy a book in the IASP Press Bookstore, you will be prompted to log on
  • I am not a member of IASP. Are IASP grants and fellowships available to me?
    Membership in IASP is a requirement for eligibility for all IASP grants and fellowships. For the collaborative grants, the principal investigator must be a member of IASP. See the Grants and Awards page for more information.
  • I am with the media. Who do I contact for information?
    All media inquiries should be directed to media@iasp-pain.org
  • I need to cancel or return my order. How can I do this?
    Contact books@iasp-pain.org to discuss your order and the condition of your books. If your order has not yet been shipped, we can cancel your order and reimburse you for the purchase price. If your book has been opened and the plastic wrap has been removed, we are not able to resell the book and you will not be reimbursed for your order.
  • What are chapters of IASP?
    Chapters of IASP are independently operated national or regional associations or societies that share IASP’s vision of working together for pain relief throughout the world.
  • What is the Global Year Against Pain?
    The Global Year Against Pain is a yearlong initiative designed to raise awareness of the different aspects of pain worldwide. Each year, in January, IASP launches a new campaign focused on one specific aspect of pain.
  • What is the World Congress on Pain?
    The World Congress on Pain is IASP’s biennial meeting devoted to research and treatment of pain. It is five days of continuing education and networking opportunities.
  • Where can I pay my membership dues?
    To pay your annual dues online, visit "Pay Your Dues" in the Members Only section. To ensure that your benefits of membership continue uninterrupted, make sure to pay your dues by your anniversary date each year.

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World Congress on Pain. Our biennial World Congress on Pain, the world’s premier gathering on the topic, is international and multidisciplinary. The program comprises plenary sessions, workshops, poster sessions, and refresher courses, and attendees may receive continuing medical education credits. Save the date for the IASP 2020 World Congress on Pain in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 4-8 August 2020.

Publications. IASP publishes two journals: PAIN, devoted to original research on the nature, mechanisms, and treatment of pain, and PAIN Reports, an online, open access, multidisciplinary journal that advances clinical, applied, and basic research. IASP also publishes PAIN: Clinical Updates as a channel of PAIN Reports. Each edition provides information on clinical topics in the pain field. A member newsletter, PAIN: E-Monthly, keeps members abreast of news about the association. In addition, IASP Press publishes timely, high-quality books for scientists and clinicians interested in pain research and management.

The IASP Pain Research Forum (PRF) is a nexus of news, insight, and conversation for the international pain research community. PRF delivers news and analysis of the latest research findings, conference reports, weekly roundups of the published scientific literature, reader-generated commentary and discussion, webinars, interviews, and community and research resources.

RELIEF, PRF's companion site, publishes clear summaries of research news, features, interviews, and podcasts for patients and the wider public. RELIEF aims to give readers the knowledge they need so they can spark and meaningfully contribute to national and international conversations about ways to advance pain treatment and care.

Education. IASP sponsors research symposia on specific pain-related topics and provides grants, awards, and fellowships to support international pain research. Through its Developing Countries Project, IASP offers grants and education programs to improve pain education for clinicians in developing countries.

Advocacy. Every year, IASP sponsors the Global Year Against Pain to raise awareness of different aspects of pain. In 2019, the theme is the Global Year Against Pain in the Most Vulnerable.