Education Programs Working Group

The mission of the working group is to develop, support and enhance IASP educational programs globally. The working group is responsible for:

  • Coordinating and supporting IASP educational programs including the IASP Global Year, IASP/PRF Webinar Series, the IASP World Congress and IASP-supported pain camps and pain schools in coordination with SIGs, IASP Working Groups (such as the Developing Countries Working Group), the Global Year Task Force, the Scientific Program Committee and the PRF Editorial Board.
  • Ensuring all programs reflect core standards expected of high-quality educational initiatives.
  • Curating educational programs and content that can be made available via the IASP website as a “members-only” resource.
  • Implementing new educational programs with IASP chapters/federations such as “Highlights of the IASP World Congress” programs and new pain schools and camps as approved by the IASP Council.

Chair: Eloise Carr (Canada)

Emma Briggs (United Kingdom)
Mario Campero (Chile)
Pongparadee Chaudakshetrin (Thailand)
Brona Fullen (Ireland)
Debra Gordon (USA)
Jordi Miro (Spain)
Jeffrey Mogil (Canada)
Michael Nicholas (Australia)
Jocelyn Que (Philippines)
Sarah Ross (USA)
Jamir Sarda (Brazil)
Jenny Strong (Australia)
Judy Watt-Watson (Canada)
Paul Wilkinson (United Kingdom)

Staff Liaison: Andrea Giovannucci