Visual Identity & Logo Redesign Task Force

The charge of this task force is to work with IASP staff to support the redesign of IASP’s visual identity and logo. This Task Force will provide a representative vision and voice of the IASP membership as IASP works to redesign these important graphic representations. The task force will provide feedback on the current IASP brand, insight into what membership in IASP means to them, and identify the most compelling benefits of IASP and its connection to the pain community. The task force will provide a variety of cultural perspectives and insight into how different disciplines or specialties may view IASP around the world. The task force will provide constructive feedback on logo concepts and provide a recommendation to the IASP Council. Finally, the task force will also support and promote the new visual identity and logo.

Chair: Claudia Sommer, Germany
Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Denmark
Anne Burke, Australia
Christine Chambers, Canada
Alfredo Covarrubias-Gomez, Mexico
Simon Haroutounian, USA
Jordi Miro, Spain
Kathleen Sluka, USA
Ramani Vijayan Sannasi, Malaysia