SIG Governance Review Task Force

The charge of this task force is to evaluate all IASP Special Interest Group (SIG) policies, structures, and procedures and make recommendations for universal, standardized guidelines and policies for SIGs to follow. This task force should consider input from SIG leaders, input from the Membership & Chapters Committee, and best practices in association management.

Chair: Patrick M. Dougherty, USA
Sushma Bhatnagar, India
Margarita Calvo Bascunan
Lindsey Cohen, USA
Ruth Defrin-Assa, Israel
Allen Finley, Canada
Damien Finniss, Australia
Stefan Friedrichsdorf, USA
Keela Herr, USA
Maija Haanpaa, Finland
Helena Knotkova, USA
Candida S. McCabe, United Kingdom
Romy Parker, South Africa
Katy Vincent, United Kingdom
Amanda Williams, United Kingdom

Staff Liaison: Akuender Kodi