IASP Young Leaders Presidential Task Force

The principal objectives of the IASP Young Leaders Presidential Task Force are to support and address the needs identified by, and for early career members at IASP; improve career prospects of early career members; influence governance at IASP and foster the next generation of IASP leaders.

The IASP Young Leaders Presidential Task Force wants to hear from you! Join us for upcoming open feedback sessions to provide your input on how we can best serve early career researchers and clinicians through programming and resources.

Click the button below to choose your time or provide additional comments. All times listed in US Eastern Time. For any questions, email earlycareer@iasp-pain.org

  • Session 1: 9 June 2021-09:15-10:00
  • Session 2: 10 June 2021- 12:15-13:00
  • Session 3: 18 June 2021- 03:15-04:00

Steering Committee

Hemakumar Devan, New Zealand
Hadas Nahman-Averbuch, USA
Vinko Palada, Finland


Dana Antunovich, New Zealand
José Osvaldo Barbosa Neto, Brazil
Sónia Bernardes, Portugal
Staja Booker, USA
Jane Chalmers, Australia
Lydia Coxon, United Kingdom
Sarah D'Angelo, USA
Rocío de la Vega, Spain
Marie-Eve Hoeppli, USA
Kai Karos, Belgium
Katleho Limakatso, South Africa
Tory Madden, South Africa
Jamie Moy, USA
YV Raghava Neelapala, India
Mary O'Keeffe, Ireland
Joshua Pate, Australia
Daniela Rosenberger, Germany
Saurab Sharma, Australia/Nepal
Natasha Trehan, Canada
Robert van der Noord, Netherlands
Lindsey Yessick, Canada