Pain and Pain Management in Non-Human Species

The SIG on Pain and Pain Management in Non-human Species aims to:

  • Encourage basic and clinical research on the recognition of pain in animals, mechanisms of pain in animals, and management of pain in animals.
  • Encourage the use of spontaneous animal disease as a model for studying mechanisms and alleviation of human pain.
  • Encourage cross-species collaboration in pain research.
  • Act as a central point for interdisciplinary discussion of pain in non-human species.

The IASP SIG on Pain and Pain Management in Non-human Species keeps an archive of past newsletters from 2009 to 2012.

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Past Meeting

Official Satellite Symposium of the 14th World Congress on Pain, Milan, Italy
“Study Design, Analysis and Experimental Reporting”
August 26, 2012, Milano Convention Centre, Milan, Italy

Discussion Forum

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TheSIG maintains an archive of resources which include the following items:

  • Read the Constitution and Bylaws for the SIG on Pain and Pain Management in Non-human Species
  • View results from the 2010 NHS-SIG survey
  • 13th World Congress on Pain Business Meeting Minutes
  • 13th World Congress on Pain SIG Satellite Meeting, Montréal 2010: "Validity and quality of animal models for measurement of pain" (proceedings)
  • 12th World Congress on Pain SIG Satellite Meeting, Glasgow 2008: "Measuring Nociception and Pain in Non-human Species: Beyond the hot-plate and paw pressure test" (proceedings)

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SIG Meetings


Chair: Nick Andrews (USA)
Chair-elect: Pascale Rialland (France)
Immediate Past-Chair: Eric Troncy (Canada)
Treasurer: Martin Guillot (Canada)
Secretary: Mette S Herskin (Denmark)

General Officers

Wenlong Huang (UK)
Ingrid Vaynovsky (USA)
Outi Vainio (Finland)

IASP Council Liaison

Jose Castro Lopes (Portugal)

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